How To Refocus When Things Don’t Go According To Plan

How To Refocus When Things Don't Go According To Plan

Whether you’re running a PR campaign or a business, at one point or another you’ll have to make a shift.

You might change your expectations, adjust your angle, or push yourself to go a little deeper.

When you’re just starting out, your plan might have to change over and over and over again.

It might be really effin’ hard for you. Maybe you’re just starting out. Or, maybe you don’t have the same resources that more established entrepreneurs have. You’re just doing your best to figure this stuff out.

Is your low social media engagement is driving you bonkers?

Did you finally launch a course, and now all you’re hearing are crickets and those monthly service charges racking up?

Being in a place of resistance can be so uncomfortable.

But guess what? You are on the verge of something powerful, exactly where you are.

I bet you already knew this to be true, somewhere deep down.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you were looking for someone to rub your back and hand you a tub of ice cream for your troubles. I’m here to kick your butt into high gear, you know, in a friendly kind of way.

If things aren’t going according to plan, here are 3 steps you can take right now to feel better and move forward:

1. Acknowledge your resistance.

This is a sign from your soul, from the universe, from whatever you believe in, that things aren’t lining up. That’s it! That’s all that resistance means.

It doesn’t mean that your work is worthless, that it’s not high quality, or that other people won’t appreciate the heck out of it. It simply means that the pieces aren’t lining up.

How to move through it: Approach tension or resistance like a bendy tree swaying in the wind. Flexible trees are much stronger and stand the test of time.

Consider how you can adjust your angle. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re reaching out to and think about how you can align with them.  Instead of asking for an interview, maybe pitch a guest post. If you’ve been reaching out to blogs, try emailing a podcast instead.

2. Be Open To Letting Go. Let’s be super honest with each other. If you don’t get this specific press placement in exactly the way you imagined, will your business or project completely fail?

Of course not! Focus on your end goal: empowering more women, bringing awareness to a social issue, or whatever it may be.

I guarantee that getting or not getting one specific placement won’t make or break you.

It might influence how things will progress for a few months, but it’s only a smidge of what you’ve got going on. When you focus on the feeling and the end result, the how has a way of figuring itself out.

How to harness this moment: Ask yourself “What can I learn from this situation?” Do you need to adjust your lead time? Prepare a different type of free content? Reach out to more prominent publications? Ask your network for help?

3. Keep on Keepin’ On. Consistency is where it’s at, my friend. There are artists, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and geniuses who give up every day. Some of the people I look up most to are the ones who stuck it out and rose to the top because of their commitment to their work.

How to ease into it: Give yourself a mission. Write a manifesto. Get super clear on how you’re changing people’s lives.

Write down why your work is vital to the tapestry of our society. Whenever you’re feeling iffy, remind yourself of your contributions. Remind yourself why you’re needed and why moving forward is the only option.

As Danielle Laporte likes to say “Everything is progress.” It doesn’t always look cute and it doesn’t always feel nice, but it’s progress. You’re moving forward, you’re one step closer. You got this.

What is one reason why you need to keep doing what you’re doing? Let me know in the comments below!

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