Will the press take you seriously without a publicist?

the friendly publicist will the press take you seriously without publicist

I find myself answering forms of this question all the time.

And what a great topic it is! Let’s break it down, folks.

Of course, having a publicist has tons of benefits:

  • you hire a professional who’s got your back and is ready to promote your work
  • a publicist can introduce you to people in their network to help you accomplish your goals
  • you don’t have to worry about managing contact information, pitches, or follow-ups
  • you have the time and energy to focus on building your empire

There’s a difference between hiring someone because it actually makes you feel like you’re moving forward, and hiring someone out of fear.

What do I mean by that?

I encourage you consider what drives you to spend money to fix a problem or meet a need in your business.

Mainly, are you hiring out of necessity, eagerness, or fear?

You might hire a publicist out of necessity when:

  • your business is booming and you need guidance to harness the momentum of your growth
  • you’re on a strict timeline and need a professional to help you hit the ground running
  • you prefer to focus on your genius zone and delegate things like publicity to someone who lives and breathes PR

You might want to purchase publicity services if you’re eager to explore a new type of promotion and:

  • you could totally learn to run your own campaign, but having someone else do it feels so much better
  • your strength isn’t writing and you feel confident having someone else handle your publicity outreach
  • you’re new to public appearances or interviews and would love to get some hands on coaching for it

If you’re hyper-focused on lack or fear, then you might hire a publicist because:

  • you’re not a strong pitch writer and you don’t think you can improve
  • you don’t know where to find contact information and get overwhelmed at the thought of figuring it out
  • you think you won’t look professional if you don’t have someone else represent you

Now, it’s perfectly fine to hire a publicist for any one of the above reasons, I’m not judging!

But I will say that I’ve noticed a massive difference in the success of people who hire someone from a place of necessity or eagerness versus a feeling of lack or fear.

To be perfectly clear – hiring a publicist has very little to do with whether or not people will take you seriously.

I know so many amazing professionals who happily go out there and get their own press coverage every day.

Just look at social media!

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have built successful, professional businesses who are out there promoting themselves, getting press coverage, and kicking butt.

Unless it’s a specific requirement for some high-level event, you won’t be knocked for working without a publicist if you’ve taken the time to learn how to do publicity right.

What will get in your way is whether or not you take yourself seriously.


Will hiring a publicist (or copyeditor, business coach, etc.) make you feel that you can now be trusted or be seen as a professional?

That now you can charge what you’ve always wanted to charge because someone else is validating your worth?

Or that you’ll go after that goal you were too nervous to even think about before hiring that specific someone?

Teammates will come and go throughout the lifetime of your business.

But you’re always stuck with yourself.

And when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re always running into your own dreams, hopes, and sneaky little doubts.

I noticed a massive shift in my energy and the way I ran my business when I decided to take myself seriously.

I had had enough of everyone else’s opinions and I started listening to my gut.

And when I did, something really cool happened.

I stopped getting hooked into every webinar ad on Facebook. Ha!

I felt like what I was doing was “enough” and that I didn’t need to take another course about how to pivot my business.

I realized I was right where I wanted to be, and it felt amazing.

I started spending my time and money on software and people who felt fully aligned with who I am as a person and where I wanted my work to go.

The longer you’re in business, the more you’ll realize that big changes and momentum aren’t going to come from physical purchases or hiring so-and-so.

Those big changes are shifts in your own perspective.

So if buying that course or going on a retreat or hiring someone feels AH-MAY-ZING and expansive, then get. it. done. boo.

But if it feels like a band-aid for something deeper, you’re probably better off taking a step back and doing a little self reflection.

Here’s the best part: you get to choose how you feel, right now.

Are you going to enter your day with deliberate intention to move forward?

Are you willing to find a degree of satisfaction with your honest progress?

Or are you going to haphazardly react to whatever comes your way and stubbornly refuse to see your own growth?

It’s up to you.

So to answer your question, you don’t need a publicist to be taken seriously by the press.

You just need to know how to reach out to writers in a professional manner and to take yourself seriously!

Now if you’re super excited to hire a publicist, we should totally talk!

And if you’re revved up to learn more about doing your own publicity, check out the rest of this here blog and get to learning!

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