How To Kiss Your Brand Envy Goodbye

You’re not an entrepreneur if you haven’t spent an hour (or 2 or 20) ogling drool-worthy brands on Instagram or Pinterest.

There are tons of beautiful accounts that can rev you up and inspire you to go be your bad self. It’s starts off innocently enough.

Maybe you’re doing market research or looking for accounts to repost content from. But more often than not, you get caught in the riptide of brand envy.

What’s brand envy? One moment you’re admiring a fellow boss babe’s workcation, and the next you’re thinking:

  • There are people out there already living the dream and I’m late to the party.
  • Someone has already done what I’m trying to do.
  • I don’t have the resources these powerful entrepreneurs have.
  • No one will ever write about me if they’ve already written about someone else.

If you’re feeling this way, below are 4 simple steps to kick those distractions to the curb.

Now get back to being the entrepreneurial rockstar I know you are!

Step 1: Call Yourself Out – Be nice, but be firm. Tell yourself “Hey babe, I see what you’re doing. You dipped your toes in a bit of brand envy. It’s totally cool to let those bad vibes go.” Identifying what you’re doing is the first step of getting better. Remind yourself that you’re totally awesome and this is completely normal.

Step 2: Get up – This helps snap you out of the rabbit hole that is the internet. Do a few squats, grab a glass of water, go to the bathroom (leave your phone at your desk), prepare a snack.  Do something to physically remove yourself from the situation. Make sure that whatever you do helps clear your head.

Step 3: Look for an opportunity – You’re in business, so act like it! Analyze your competition. Instead of wallowing in comparison ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are they doing really well and how can I learn from it?
  2. What audience are they not helping?
  3. How is my approach different?
  4. Do I solve a more specific problem?
  5. Can I take a strategy from the influencer’s industry and apply it to my own?

Tweet this: “Whenever you feel the urge to compare yourself, look for an opportunity instead.”

Step 4: Do Something About It – If you’ve done the whole analysis thing you might be thinking “I really need to get myself out there more!”

Then make it happen! May you need to start doing your own publicity. Or maybe you need to take an afternoon to plan out your social media calendar. I get sucked into brand envy when I know that my work is just as strong as my competition’s, I just don’t put myself out there as much as they do.

Above all, remember this: there is no one exactly like you. There is no one else who does the work you do, the way you do it. Your approach and personality make you different from everyone else.

The right people will find you, if you put yourself in front of them in the right way. And finally, publicity, and business in general, is a journey. If you want to achieve those incredible goals of yours, you can’t let yourself get in the way.

If you’re like me, you’re in business to help others rise with you! So bring that supportive mentality with you no matter where you go. As Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney said in an article for Elle Magazine “Women Are Community, Not Competition.”

Do you have a brand-envy busting strategy that works really well for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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