How To Generate Free and Effective Publicity For Your Small Business

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to expand your reach, publicity can support your growth goals. It can help you find new audiences and ultimately attract more paying customers.

Publicity has changed immensely in the last few years, and tactics that were once industry-standards have fallen to the wayside. On the other hand, those of us who like to get creative have found that publicity is now easier to generate than ever before. Publications generate tons of new content on a daily basis. Writers everywhere are looking for a good story to keep their audiences engaged. It’s up to you to leverage that demand.

You don’t have to do every single strategy I suggest, even a few will get you started on the right foot. Think of this as a way to brainstorm different ways you can begin your publicity journey, or even supplement current press coverage you already have.

By the way, if you think you’re incapable of doing your own publicity, I encourage you to read my post about publicity myths that are holding you back. You totally can do this on your own and you don’t have to spend a dime.

Publicity Generating Tip #1: Write a guest post.

A guest post is an article that you write for another blog. This blog will ideally have the same values and a similar audience as yours.

If you’re a life coach, it might not make sense to try to write a guest post for another life coach in your area. But maybe you can team up with a nutritionist and add a bit of your coaching flair to her nutrition blog – that way your audiences are aligned, but you’re not fighting to provide them with the same service.

It doesn’t matter if you reach out to a small blog or a huge publication, just make sure it’s where your ideal audience hangs out.

Publicity Generating Tip #2: Speak for a podcast.

According to a recent study by Edison Research, 21% of the country listens to podcasts – that’s how many Americans use Twitter!

Podcasts are a great on-the-go way to consume content and they allow you to speak at length about a topic. It’s a perfect way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Again, make sure that you reach out to podcasts that your ideal customer would love.

Publicity Generating Tip #3: Interview someone else.

If you have a blog, write an article about something that matters in your field. Then, reach out to a few influencers who could send you a quick quote commenting on the subject. Not only is this going to help you open a door to talk to successful people in your niche, but they will most likely share your article with their online followers when you publish it.

Publicity Tip #4: Pitch a blog.

This is one of the most well known ways to get publicity. Reach out to an author who has written about your niche before, comment about their previous work, and send them a short pitch about what they could write about you. Services like Twitter, HARO, and JournoRequests are great resources to help connect you with people who are looking to write about you.

Although this takes some practice and a good follow-up strategy, it’s definitely something you can do for a few hours a week to see great results – no need to hire someone else to do it for you.

Publicity Tip #5: Host a live workshop.

Some of the first publicity I ever got was from hosting a free in-person coding workshop. I spoke to a few professors at my school and they let me borrow a conference room in the slow summer months. I reached out to a local blog in Brooklyn that loved the idea and shared it with their readers. It ended up being such a good fit for them that it was the most visited article of the day. I was able to have over 100 people sign up to my mailing list after one article, and the class was sold out!

An in-person workshop allows you to connect with people on a more intimate level and gives journalists something to write about. It’s current, it’s available to the public, and it provides value to their readers. It’s a win for everyone.

I hope these strategies can help get your juices flowing. I’m curious, what’s one strategy that you can put in place this week?

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