When you have a crush on Change (and how to go all the way on your own terms)

At some point, you are going to experience a major shift.

Heck, you might be going through a shift right now.

Maybe even a whole pile of shift!

You might change career paths or your lifestyle.

You could try something new.

Your perception of a single topic or your entire worldview can adjust, maybe even overnight.

You might realize that what you want now is totally different than what you wanted five years ago.

Me? I have a totally awkward crush on Change.



I love it so much, like, SO MUCH.

Change is a super hot babe who has made my life ah-maze-ing.

Change convinced me to move to NYC at 18 after growing up in rural Colorado.

Change inspired me to start my own business right out of college even though I had no idea what I was doing.

But sometimes, when I’m hanging with Change, I feel unsteady.

Sometimes I just want to stay home and cuddle and Change is like, “I live a life on the road, darlin’. Take it or leave it.”

And I’m like, “Change, you’re too much. I’m staying at my sister’s for the weekend.”

And it gets nice to stay in one place and get a little comfy. To know what to expect for a while.

But inevitably, I’ll get restless and Change will cruise by with, “Hey baby, here’s an idea… What if you and me, now hear me out, what if you and me… [insert glittering expansive magical idea here]. I’m tellin’ ya,  it’ll be great. Sure, I don’t have all the details, but once you make the leap, you’ll feel like a million bucks! And you know, there’s a chance you’ll fall flat on your face, but if you land this, kid, nothing can stop ya. You in?”

So a part of me gets really excited about this opportunity to team up with my buddy Change.

Another part of me is like, “Well, wait a minute. If no one else is going about it this way, it’s probably because they’ve already tried it and it didn’t work…”

And then a part of me is like, “Umm you should, like, PATENT this idea right now, hire a team of twenty unicorns, and throw a confetti-filled launch party. Right. Now.”



And then another part of me is like, “Yea… this is a super great idea. But you’ve never done things exactly this way before, so how do you know it will work? And you’ve got so much riding on being able to stay consistent. Maybe you should just wait it out.”

So what the hell am I supposed to do??

When do we know it’s the right time to jump on Change’s bike and ride off into the sunset?

If you want a healthy relationship with Change, I’ve found a few helpful things to keep in mind:

Change is super consistent.

Here’s the deal, Change is one of the only constants in our lives. But it doesn’t mean you need to get overwhelmed by it. It’s about shfiting your perspective. Like, did you know that almost every cell in your body regenerates every 7 years? Isn’t that amazing?

And food is constantly evolving. Aren’t you *so glad* that healthy salads have delicious greens and proteins now instead of cottage cheese and jello? And can we talk about how there are new, exquisite ramen recipes being created all the time? *drool* See? There’s positive Change all around you!


Change creates space for us to explore what we believe.

Ever find yourself zombie-ing through life when shift 😉 hits the fan? Suddenly you know what you want because you got clear on what you don’t want. You wake up after a rough time and your bed is a little cozier, your boo is a little sweeter, and just breathing is satisfying.

Although experiencing contrast is inevitable, you can choose to see Change in a positive light. Change is like your super fierce friend who reminds you when you’re compromising and can do so much better.


Changing your beliefs is easier than you might think.

As Abraham Hicks likes to say, “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.” Just a thought! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been telling yourself the same story for the past 20 years.

Each time that thought comes up, you have the opportunity to think differently. You have the opportunity to question your beliefs. You have the opportunity to acknowledge your boredom. You have the opportunity to set Change into motion.

That Change might be feeling a little lighter for 30 seconds. Or having enough split-second courage to say “hi” to that cutie on the train. Or to go through a full-blown haircut change, or launch a new product, or pitch that magazine you adore, or speak up, or ease up on yourself.

Btw, let’s remember that the incredible J.K. Rowling started writing Harry Potter on napkins as a single mom/waitress in her 30s. Also, tons of recovering addicts wake up every morning and decide that right now, today, they’re going to be sober, even though their minds and their bodies will do their best to convince them otherwise. I believe you can change the way you think, too :*



Change doesn’t have to be chaotic.

When you prioritize self-care and listening to your intuition, Change can actually be a lot of fun! Take time to nurture your mind, body, and spirit so you have a solid foundation for the rest of your life.

Surround yourself with people that lift you up and spark your imagination. People that make you giggle and tone your face cheeks from smiling so much. You can get so aligned with Change that your next big idea will feel like a breezy coastal drive in Janelle Monae’s vintage convertible.

Above all, learn to be gentle with yourself. We’re not here to be perfect, we’re here to be explorers! And the best explorers have a few good blunders under their belts and a lot of stories about trying things out.



But I’m not here to talk the talk and leave you hanging. In my own relationship with Change, I’ve started a beautiful new project called Twenty Hive and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Twenty Hive is a daily self-care newsletter that invites you to ask yourself a new question every day. As much as I value other people’s ideas, some of the best advice you and I can get comes from within. And what better way to get to know yourself than by starting with a gentle question every weekday morning?

You can check out the newsletter here (launching June 4, 2018).

So what’s your current relationship with Change?

Leave me a comment below and let me know what’s on your mind 🙂

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