Why a BAD Workflow is Great For Your PR Campaign

why a bad workflow is good for your PR campaign

When you’re running a publicity campaign, the work can pile up pretty quickly. Between researching your market, gathering press materials, and building relationships, it can be hard to stay on track. Over the years I’ve tried a ton of different ways to calm down and focus. I’ve noticed that there are three specific questions that help me get out of almost any business rut. In addition, this strategy works in other areas of business, especially content creation!

When in doubt, use this acronym to remember your options:

B – Batch:

What content can you batch?  Try creating these in bulk: social media images, blog posts, PR contact lists, and email newsletters. This is my favorite way to get a ton of work done and allow myself to enjoy time off. You can breathe easy on the weekends because the next month of your content is already prepared!

A – Automate:

Are you wasting your time completing the same tedious tasks over and over again? See if there’s a way to automate it.

There are tons of services like Later, Buffer, and Hootsuite to help you plan out and automate your social media posts. Another service called IFTTT helps your apps talk to each other so you can automatically tweet your Instagram photos as native photos on Twitter.

If it’s remembering to follow up on your pitches, there’s a handful of apps that can do that for you. Want to send automatic follow up emails if your recipient doesn’t open your pitch after x number of days? Give If No Reply or Hubspot Sales Pro a shot for custom email automation.

D – Delegate:

What can you hand off to another person? What takes forever? What would you really rather not do? Focus on high level tasks that need your specific attention and get someone else to do the rest.

The best way to start delegating is to build out a team – this means different things to different people.

Maybe you suck at graphic design and need to hire a pro to build out your brand. Or it could mean bringing on a slew of employees and building out a customer service department for a product that went viral.

Start small and make thoughtful financial decisions – you can always increase your spending as time goes on. In the beginning, consider hiring a part-time Virtual Assistant or an intern to help you do repetitive tasks like email research.

Next time you feel like your to-do list is overflowing, give it a bit of BAD attention and see where it takes you.

Let me know if you’ve ever used any of these techniques or if I’ve missed one!

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