The Right and Wrong Way To Ask For Help With Your Business

The Right and Wrong Way To Ask For Help With Your Business

Every person you interact with is different.

Some are outgoing, others more reserved.

Some like to talk about inspiration and feel-good things.

Others want to get straight to the practical point.

But no matter who you speak with, there are a few things that get new business relationships in a state of flow.

Whether it’s a friendly colleague or your boss babe idol, here are some suggestions to help you connect kindly and effectively!

Asking For Help Tip #1: Be mindful of their time. 

If you’re asking someone for help, please keep their schedule in mind. Their workload might be completely different from anything you’re used to!

If you can, ask for help about a specific problem without making them leave their office.

If you really need that in-person conversation, be clear and explain how meeting can benefit you both.

Let’s say you’ve recently met someone awesome at your new office and heard she has a thing for sushi.

You’re looking to expand your business network, but you’re not trying to sell her anything or ask her for any favors. You just want to get to know her — totally cool!

You might email her and say something like:

“I’ve heard that Japanese spot near our co-working space has the best sushi in town. I’m always looking for fellow foodies to try new places with. Let me know if you’d be down for lunch!”

See? You’ve just explained why an in-person meeting would benefit you both. Not so hard, is it?

Asking For Help Tip #2: Be specific. 

Have you ever browsed a Facebook group and seen a post from Vague Veronica?

I promise you’ve seen her.

Vague Veronica always writes like this:

Is anyone interested in posting about my business? Feel free to reach out for more info!

Let’s break this down:

1. If you’re reaching out to just anyone, no one will respond to you.

2. I have no idea what your business is.

Do you sell pizza?

Are you a therapist?

Are you an intersectional feminist painter?

Are you a financial advisor for billionaires?

If I can’t tell, then you’re wasting your own time and mine.

3. Why should I care about your business?

Why is it relevant to me?

Why now?

What benefit does knowing about your business provide me or my audience?

If you’re feeling a little guilty of this, don’t you worry.

I’ve got just the thing to help you pivot from vague to vivacious!

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Asking For Help Tip #3: Be Honest.

Are you trying to pick someone’s brain in the hopes of getting a consultation for a cup of coffee?

If that’s the case, be clear with the person you’re contacting.

Since you need something from them, they should be allowed to decide how they want to help you.

That might mean getting lunch, sending you a blog post that answers your question, or booking a paid consultation. And you definitely don’t want to receive an invoice that you weren’t expecting!

Think about it this way: how would you feel if someone asked you out and ended up grilling you about business strategy instead?

Not too fabulous, I imagine. So don’t do it to other people!

Do you have a one-off question that you’d love some advice with (and that could be answered via call or email)?

Be clear and direct.

The more respectful and honest you are with a coach, colleague, or mentor, the better your future relationship with that person will be.

Even with all these guidelines, asking for help can be hard, especially when you’re launching a new product or business.

I get it, and thankfully, so does my network of dynamic women entrepreneurs.

We’ve been through the doubt, the asking, taking the leap…and flying…and falling on your face…and getting back up.

And one thing we’ve all learned is that when you take a chance with a team, you’re more likely to land on your feet.

We’re launching the Prodigy Collective to help you with just that.

We’re a team of specialized coaches that’s here to help you with any part of a launch: tech, copywriting, funnels, growth, marketing, social media, leadership, publicity, and branding. You name it, we can help you solve it.

And the best part is, we’re completely remote, so we can help you anywhere in the world.

Instead of anxiously networking (and trial-and-erroring) your way through startup challenges, let us help you ease up on yourself and put your business in a delicious state of flow.

Prodigy Collective is your very own network of superwomen ready to hear you out and guide you to grow like you’ve never grown before!

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What’s one thing you wish you could get help with in your business? Leave me a comment below 🙂

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