11 Easy HTML Tags Every Entrepreneur Should Know

11 HTML Tags Every Entrepreneur Should Know

If you ever had a MySpace account and tried to customize it, you probably learned a thing or two about HTML. Many things have changed since the days of Top 5, but luckily, these tags are still out there kicking butt.

And even if you work with a web developer, chances are you’ll want to make some changes to a blog post without having to consult them first.

On top of that, these tags are pretty harmless. It would be really hard to break a page with this code, so have at it!

Whether you need a refresher, or you’ve never heard of these, below is a simple guide to HTML tags you can use right away.


Here are just a few of the websites that accept HTML modifications:





Here are a few email services that let you use HTML to customize email templates:



Constant Contact




1. I want to put a break in my paragraphs.

Use this:

Here is a sentence in a paragraph.<br>This starts on new line.

Sometimes what you type in a visual editor doesn’t come out the same way on your published post. Go into the text editor and throw in a few of these to play around with spacing!


2. I want to make text bold.

Use this:

<b>Enter text here.</b>

Some text just needs to be bold, man.


3. I want to italicize my text.

Use this:

<i>Enter text here.</i>

Puts a slant on your text. Good for emphasis 😉


4. I want to underline my text.

<u>Enter text here.</u>

Another good one for emphasis.


5. I want to add a link to my text.

Use this:

<a href="https://enteryourwebsitelinkhere.com">Enter link text here.</a>

Adds a link to your text. Easy peasy.


6. I want to open a link in a new tab.

Use this:

<a href="https://enteryourwebsitelinkhere.com" target="_blank">Enter link text here.</a>

Keeps you on your current page and opens link in a new tab. How fancy!


7. I want to open a blank email addressed to my email address.

Use this:

<a href="mailto:youraddress@nullwhatever.com">Click here to email me!</a>

Opens the default email program on the user’s computer with your email pre-written in the To: section.


8. I want to add an image.

Use this:

<img src="URL">

Make sure the URL is the complete URL (including https://).


9. I want to right align text or an image.

Use this:

<div align="right">text</div>

<div align="right"><img src="URL"></div>


10. I want to left align text or an image.

Use this:

<div align="left">text</div>

<div align="left"><img src="URL"></div>


11. I want to center text or an image.

Use this:

<div align="center">text</div>

<div align="center"><img src="URL"></div>


There are tons more tags out there, so feel free to browse around on W3Schools or StackOverflow for more ideas.

Did I miss a tag you use all the time? Leave a comment below.

Have a question about implementing one of these code snippets? Leave your query below 🙂

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